Slow, Steady, Race

So if I brought up “Slow and Steady Wins the Race” you’d be all like “Yeah Lauren- tortoise, hare, etc. Booooring. Enough with your old-timey adages, why don’t you go ahead and take it to a young child’s nursery center because I’m clearly over the age of 6 and have heard. that. shit. be. fore.”

And I’d be like “Whoa bud, cool it.”

Or you’d be like” Psh yeah, Lauren they’ve only already done 19 collections…how far out of the experimental small run fashion loop do you think I am?  I totally already know that they take classic and/or iconic designs or items and kind of turn them upside down, causing you to think and appreciate them in a new way.

And I’d be like “Whoa bud, you might consider cooling it.”

And THEN I would talk to you about how they’ve done a collaboration with Portland’s dear old Stand Up Comedy, boutique of killer-ness, comprised of gear for rainy weather. And you’d be like “do what??”

Yeah man, check it out…

This one is clearly my favorite. $150. Totally appropriate.

hooded and wearable in different ways. hot.

hooded and wearable in different ways. hot.

A couple Unisex styles, with a few limited edition pieces (with gold crochet drawstrings (and extra cost) by Arielle de Pinto. Beautiful touch.

totally practical

totally practical

classic poncho style

classic poncho style

These styles are all available in red, black, khaki, and natural and like most SSWTR styles, are $100.

There’s also this gem of a trenchcoat for $300.



This line also has some waterproof shoes…



hella jaunty

hella jaunty

Alright, I can’t just post pictures of the entire line, but you must also see this Faux Fox Stole. I love it.


cute cute, wooden flute

Also, please observe these handbags if you haven’t already, and acquaint thyself with why this line is the jam.

'the new bag' handle

'the new bag' handle

'the bag'

'the bag'

These bags are available at Totokaelo for $150 and $100 respectively.

The rain gear line is all available at Stand Up Comedy on East Burnside. SSWTR usually makes runs of just 100 of an item, but I’m not sure about these pieces. Get ’em while you can!

I gotta go outside now!



2 responses to “Slow, Steady, Race

  1. I must have those completely-practical-because-they’re-waterproof killer shoes….just cuz we live in Portland does not mean that our raingear can’t be fabulous.
    And is it wrong that I totally dig on the Faux Fox Stole, but would prefer it in brown?

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