things to laff and such

What up frands…I went to Bridgetown Comedy Fest this weekend, and enjoyed that jam! Well, I enjoyed every day apart from Saturday which found me in bed all day due to my excessive party gene, which reared its charming head on Friday (caused me to be chastised by a couple comedians, both performing and observing, for talking during a couple sets).  Oops, okay?

Anyway, I missed a couple of the bigger names I wanted to see, but saw some great sets at Mt. Tabor, the BOG patio, and the continuous run of people at the Tanker.

If you give a damn you should check out these joke-tellers if you don’t already know of  them…hopefully you won’t have to wait until next year’s festival. Aaaaaand hopefully you won’t have to go to Harvey’s (or you’ll finally have a good reason to?) I shall provide you with a picture of the performer in order to engage beyond the point that words might, but I ain’t posting a ton of You Tube videos or anything, so click the links if you know what’s good for thee…

Hannibal Burress was pretty hilarious. Jessie wanted to do him. But she didn’t. He gave me shit for talking at the Tanker. I apologized!


he greets you

Dave Hill told a hilarious tale of gay socks. He’s from New York. I recommend!

lavish lifestyle

lavish comedian lifestyle

Natasha Leggero…surely you’ve seen her on tons of things. She is funny! And a woman!
(she’s also a part of  Pretty Funny Women which i find a lame concept, but whatevs, she’s funny)

pretty awesome

pretty awesome

I was a little starstruck by Andy Blitz. Come on!

i like you


Richard Bain is pretty hee-larious and seems a total coolman…he lives this city. You should see him…somewhere…sometime!



Holly Mills was really, really funny in a super appealing understated “nerdy girl” way. I didn’t say it. She did.



Andy Haynes is funny and from Seattle and we three found him a bit dashing as well! Gracious!

young man in plaid shirt, you guuuuuuys!

young man in plaid shirt, you guuuuuuys!

Alex Koll offered wizardly appearance and sang a goddamn catchy song about Dad amnesia.



There were many many more including this guy John Ryan who caused me to nearly die.  He’s pretty elusive on the interweb, but I came upon this video. Dry as a damn desert. I love.

Anyway, I’ve heard enough masturbation/porn jokes to last me a lifetime, so thank you every single male comedian. I don’t need to see any more pelvic thrusts on stage for…ever?
Janeane Garafalo was funny and told some giiiiiiirl jokes so I could relaaaaaate y’all!  Jessie stopped her on the sidewalk and professed her love. Dear.

go blazers?



2 responses to “things to laff and such

  1. subjectverbobject

    good new: empirical evidence exists suggesting swine flu hates party gene.

  2. ahhhh relevance!

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