answer ya telephone…

Oh things, how I’ve missed thee.

Last weekend my buds gathered to celebrate Jessie’s new home (skål!) and she had an “old” telephone handset that I hilariously mocked talking upon for a few seconds and then managed to convince a couple pals who hadn’t yet arrived that it was an actual handset to my cellphone (ahem, jim and kate).  I told them I bought it at Urban Outfitters. Right?

Anyway, during my completely side-splitting tomfoolery I did notice that the phone felt quite sturdy and comforting as I held it between my ear and shoulder, which I guess you can do with cellphones, but they’re clearly not as big and I’m always pushing buttons mistakenly and get makeup all up on the screen.  Plus, I’ve often wished I still had a landline so I could again have an old timey cute phone.  But I don’t need a landline, you know?

So when I saw this little gem this morn, I enjoyed a good chortle at the absurdity that it’s a real thing not just a foolish joke to pull upon friends, and then I thought “hmmm, do I need this?”

and it's radiation free, thank god

and it's radiation free, thank god

Mmmm, it look hearty doesn’t it? I mean, it seems like something that a stupid person would spend money on, but well, this gold one is pretty damn hot.


Am I right?

It’s made by YUBZ (Why You Busy?) who apparently make only this product and I guess it actually does cut down on radiation. Since I always only talk on the phone right next to the microwave while constantly boiling water, this doesn’t really matter to me (plus hello, 2012 is only 3 years away) but one Emil Snizek might be interested.

And they totally do sell it (a wireless version!) at Urban Outfitters. Typical.


5 responses to “answer ya telephone…

  1. I just died like 7 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can’t believe this is real.

  2. Nutt-y!

  3. subjectverbobject

    Well, turns out I tricked you into thinking I was tricked (can’t vouch for Kate, but probably the same thing). So, I guess that means you’re the one with egg on their face – and that ain’t a good thing ’cause raw eggs are potentially dangerous.

  4. I’m not going to lie. I want that gold phone. It would be so amazing to see the stares as I pulled it out of my oversized purse to have a nice, classy chat on the phone. Daaaamn.

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