By the skine of a mole

Everyone loves a Moleskine.  It’s like the Slinky of the…erm…notebook world? Right. Slinky of the notebook world. Sure. Everyone knows that.


Well, anyway Moleskines are great.  It’s one of my fav gifts to give.  A nice clean notebook? Excellent.
They’ve been made in different textures, different fabrics, different colors, and recently I bought a little colored set of the soft notebooks at New Seasons. Weird.  Double weird is that I saw them for sale at Nordstrom over the holidays.  In the handbag section.  Puzzling.
And lots of people have found ways to spruce up the basic Moleskine, as you can see here.

My favorite is from Portland company Engrave Your Tech, who do KILLER laser engraving projects on your laptops, ipod, iphones, or what have you (please god check it out), and were engraving Moleskines with work from various artists for a while there under the side-project-name engrave your book.
They were hot.



Come to find out that engraving the PVC cover creates toxic gases. Dang killjoy toxic gases at it again.
But we were promised an alternative and I’ve been waiting with bated breath since I foolishly never got around to purchasing one the first time, and the time has come.
Care to take a gander?

I’m a pretty big fan of this saw image:

Saw by Dan Funderburgh

Saw by Dan Funderburgh

 As well as this simple leaf pattern:


Leaves by the Mountain Label

Leaves by the Mountain Label

Not to mention this dreamy dreamscape:


Dreamscape by Alisha Wessler

Dreamscape by Alisha Wessler



 There are many more! Check them here please!

They’re all leather and US made and have the proper design on the inside so you may still utilize the features of your Moleskine that you love (plus a little card pocket!)





As of right now, they’re just available for $60 for the pocket size Mole-y, but come February there will be a larger version.

Also, they can do custom covers if you fancy yourself a bit of an artist. Surely you do!

I love this company…check out all their other awesome work here on their blog…




p.s. they also produce some jewels that I love (and blogged about) from the Opulent Project.  


love it.


4 responses to “By the skine of a mole

  1. oldvertue0103

    That saw design made me salivate a little.

  2. They ALL made me salivate. I could use one for my moleskine planner I don’t use enough….

  3. subjectverbobject

    do they make moleskine brains or souls or bodies? I need one of each, thanks.

  4. subjectverbobject

    so…maybe you should update. my fashion has gone to pot without your guiding hand.

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