things neither to love nor such

So far this 2009:

1. Someone tried to steal my car. I think they got away with about $0.41 and did about $700 worth of damage to my car.  Thieves are not that thoughtful. I do not have $700.

2.  I got laid off from my job. New parent company in California eliminates Portland office…you know, where the company started.  Tale as old as time, I suppose.  Like Romeo and Juliet.

3. I develop intense sickness 2 days prior to fun birthday festivities. Head full of snot and many coughings.  I’m eating zinc and going though toilet paper like it’s…toilet paper. I hope to be able to taste food at birthday dinner with boyfriend at Beast.

Things to love:

1. My roommate who makes me tea and listens to me blow my nose at 2 minute intervals and who drove me everywhere while my car was not driveable.

2. My beau who brings me soup and says cheesy things about my being cute while i’m sick and also drives me everywhere.

3. NyQuil



5 responses to “things neither to love nor such

  1. subjectverbobject

    In regards to:

    1. I propose a sting. We can use my truck as bait. I will park it outside your house and leave the drivers door open. We catch some people and beat the shit of them…$700 worth of shit.

    2. But now this gives you way more free time to watch “Belly.”

    3. Take pleasure in seeing how many people you can give your death to.

  2. oldvertue0103

    People who still crap from cars have small penises. That’s just a fact.

    People who still love you when you’re on your deathbed will have amazing karma forever and ever. Also a fact.

    Hope the sicky takes a break by tonight!

  3. oldvertue0103

    Uh, “steal crap.” Yeah. Maybe I need some zinc.

  4. I’m #1! Aw dude.. it aint no thang!
    2009 can only get better, right?
    Its a fresh start for a new year…
    -NEW car ignition.
    -Starting a NEW coin collection in the car.
    -Getting a NEW job.
    -Growing a NEW layer of skin on and around your nose.

    Most people don’t get so many new things at once…

  5. Ugh! When did your car get semi-stolen? That totally sucks. That and, well, everything else, too. I hope BEAST works out!

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