You know what needs a little sexing up?
The ironing board.
It seems so obvious now that I’ve said it, right?
It just sits  (stands) there taking up space that could be filled with something titillating. How depressing!

So the sexy ironing board cover has been a long time coming.  Actually, the one that we’ve begun to employ at my home is from 1988  so clearly someone was thinking about this decades ago!

super sexy

hunk hunk hunk

ooh la la

it seems like his name is Bruce

Pretty spectacular, yah?  I know.  His necklace, his boots, his…measuring tape. Classy.

Ours was purchased by Hailey at a thrift store, but worry not- I have scoured the internet to find you some sexy for your ironing board as well.

Introducing Mark B…

a steal at $19.99

a steal at $19.99

You don’t care for a strapping young gentleman?

How about a buxom beauty?

dios mios!

dios mios!

Go ahead and click through the pics to make the purchase.

In this holiday season, my wish for you is that your ironing boards may never be prudeish again.



2 responses to “sexirony

  1. Mark! What a sexy sexpot on the ironing board. This is seriously hilarious!

  2. I like that their clothes come off as you iron. It’s like those pens that have the lady drop her dress when you turn it upside down……only bigger. Magical.

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