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My mom was badass…for the record.





Mobile party at the door

I totally like art that’s good.
I especially like it when it’s…creative and I guess I probably admire an artist a lot when they think and create something that I probably couldn’t.

However, it’s also rad when somebody takes something that’s normal and familiar and turns it into this cool art piece that would never occur to you even though it’s so simple.  This isn’t a groundbreaking thought I’m having, but it’s cool to be reminded of- it can be motivating.

SO. I’ve been into feathers lately and wanting to incorporate them into lots of things, but don’t actually make that many things in the end.
But I was looking at Stand Up Comedy’s online store today and saw these feather mobiles from an artist named Joanna Bean from LA. She makes lovely things.



Super pretty and ethereal right?

And I think the feathers she uses are probably from wild birds and are really pretty and more expensive than the ones I picked up at Michael’s several months back, but I thought I should give it a go.
Imitation=flattery, right?

Here’s my 2-hour attempt at my own mobile…


Not totally shabby yeah? Mildly shabby, but not entirely! Also not worth $150 (I will totally sell this to you for $150 and send Joanna Bean $50.  Possibly $75)

But it was fun.  I also made a chocolate cake using a can of diet coke. A productive evening to say the least!

Buy things from Stand Up Comedy!!! It’ll be fun.



You know what needs a little sexing up?
The ironing board.
It seems so obvious now that I’ve said it, right?
It just sits  (stands) there taking up space that could be filled with something titillating. How depressing!

So the sexy ironing board cover has been a long time coming.  Actually, the one that we’ve begun to employ at my home is from 1988  so clearly someone was thinking about this decades ago!

super sexy

hunk hunk hunk

ooh la la

it seems like his name is Bruce

Pretty spectacular, yah?  I know.  His necklace, his boots, his…measuring tape. Classy.

Ours was purchased by Hailey at a thrift store, but worry not- I have scoured the internet to find you some sexy for your ironing board as well.

Introducing Mark B…

a steal at $19.99

a steal at $19.99

You don’t care for a strapping young gentleman?

How about a buxom beauty?

dios mios!

dios mios!

Go ahead and click through the pics to make the purchase.

In this holiday season, my wish for you is that your ironing boards may never be prudeish again.


i got a pain in tha shoulda!

Recently my shoulder’s kinda been hurting me and I’ve been convinced that it’s because I sleep on my stomach with my hands above my head and scrunch my shoulders. So I’ve tried like, 2 times for 10 seconds each to sleep on my back. Booooring.

THEN last night I had a clouds-open-anvil-falls-on-head revelation while I was out. My purse! This is so obvious.  I bought a Marc Jacobs bag in July that I really like a lot (and bought for 50% off) and so I pretty much use it every day.  It’s also fairly big, I guess. It doesn’t seem huge, comparatively, but I guess it’s big enough to carry a lot. And I do.

So I weighed it.


9 lbs!!!


That’s far too many pounds. You say “hey girl, what you got in that bag…that makes it weigh that many pounds? You got some gold bars in there? Planning an all night disco bowling party?” No I am not. I just like to be prepared.


Surely I can justify the wallet and the moleskine and my ipod and camera and phone and maybe even the I Love NY lighter.  And understand that I do not take my makeup bag with me everywhere I go- I’m not so vain.



Four lipglosses? Really? And a lipstick?
A tampon is a prudent item to carry around and I reserve my right to carry a giant Sharpie for an impromptu bathroom bar tagging.
No, I do not carry a cup of soup everywhere I go, but it’s winter.  People need a healty snack y’all.
A brand new toothbrush? I dunno.
Gum. Okay.
Boogie Ice gum that my brother brought me from South America. Crucial.  Almost as crucial as a pair of wax lips Hailey gave me around Halloween.
Hmm a pen, a nail file, earrings, a ring, matches, hair clip, headband, awesome paperback book (Seriously, have you read the Secret History? It’s really good and entertaining and one of the main characters’ name is a guy named Bunny.)

Anyways, I plan to lighten my load. But I’m sure I’ll regret it when I don’t have the exactly right shade of reddish-pink lip product and I’m sure you will be downtrodden when I have no low-cal potato leek soup to offer you when you’re starving.  Nor wax lips. Do you eat wax lips? They’re wax, right? Gross. gotta go.