Babies and Wine

I’ve always found it weird when adult people are still into cartoons and characters that are for children. Like middle-aged ladies who wear Goofy or Tigger sweatshirts and things like that (i accept that mickey mouse is a different story, due to his icon status).

Or like, when I was a sophomore in college, my roommates and I had a roommate for a quarter who was on consortium from her college in California.  I had to share a room with her and she arrived to school a day before I did and had decorated her part of our room with a Winnie the Pooh floor rug and figurines.  I knew we were doomed. We were.
She was crazy and immature and would whine to me for an hour every time I didn’t want to go to the mall or eat teriyaki with her, which was every time she wanted to. And she would run around in her underwear like a crazy lady and would shriek about boys and would try to talk to me for an hour in our bunk beds when I was trying to go to sleep.  I’m fairly certain her adult love for Winnie and her craziness were somehow linked.



double inappropriate

double inappropriate

So I’ve kinda tried to ignore that Hello Kitty has been brought into mainstream fashion thing.  But Kimora Lee Simmons is a wacky lady that I do like (fabulosity) and I kinda like her crazy diamond-filled tributes.


black diamonds

bling, i think they say?

bling, i think they say?

So I’ve been out of the loop on this Hello Kitty wine thing (perhaps because I do not live in Japan) but I like it. And I want it. I’m not sure why. Probably just because I like wine.

Beaujolais in plastic bottles

Their 2008 Beaujolais in plastic bottles




wine for babies

Basically it’s only available in Japan. If you’re there, get me some.

(For more HK hilarity please observe Kitty Hell.)

Also, what ever happened to Lil Wayne’s champagne? It is something I need.




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