First offly, Wesser and I were totally witnessed to by a young meth-head in La Casita @ 2:30am this weekend. I find this interesting. Thank you anyway.

For seconds, I totally partied in a monster game of Apples to Apples following a totally killer vegan Sunday Dinner last night made by Jessie (no meat or cheese?? delicious??? could it be?)

My point is that I like games. And nights dedicated to games. Game Nights, some say.

And while Apples to Apples is super fun, superior to it still is Balderdash, the hilarious game of bluffing. And hilarious it is!

You get to make up funny movie plots and laws and words and stuff about people. If you like lying, you’ll love Balderdash!!

They stopped making this game for a while.  I feared I’d never play it again. Then one magical day at Sweatsuit Kathy‘s house, it reappeared in my life and we all laughed several laughs.

Get it!



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