You know what? Dang that Kenley on Project Runway for totally making feathers and feather hairclips something that people are going to associate with her.  And even if not, I kinda just feel like it’s a low-rent hipster move.  Not that I care…or should care.

I just really like them feathers! Seriously…I hosted a feather craft night…I mean business. They’re pretty!

Among others, I’m sure, Hubris&Sophrosyne have been turning out super pretty feather headpieces and jewelry since at least 2006 (and surely prior to) and when I wore one in my friend’s wedding my buds thought it was weird. Cool.



Well now they’re hocking this stuff at Urban Outfitters, and while still pretty (!) they’re surely overpriced. But I totally want to wear this at a Holiday party nonetheless:


$34...not THAT shabby

Also gorgeous are the headbands and such made by Moth Love which boast “hand plucked” feathers by the artist (as well as a fairly heavy-handed hippy dippy mission statement if you ask me. I respect the cause, but I’m drowning in your ideals… sister!)

But aren’t they pretty?!



Even more pretty when you’re lolling about in a bed of faux fur (how’s that for sustainable?!)



You may buy these at etsy and you bet your buttocks they’re from Portland! They’re too expensive, I say. $70-$80? They sell them at Pin Me also. I’ve wanted to buy, but I draw the line maybe around $50 for a headband?

It’s real hard to justify buying any of these little darlings at these prices, when you take one look at the cost of feathers and you say to yourself “Girl you got a pair of hands and $40. Make a whole set!”

Check out ostrich.com‘s selection and thank me later!




4 responses to “feathuhs

  1. Yeah, I totally love, love, love the feathah trend. I SO want a peacock-feather headband. Because, you know, I love me the peacocks. OBV!

  2. How come I never got invited to this feather craft night? Oh hell, I guess I don’t really wear feathers.

  3. don’t worry bud, it was a bees thing.

    you will…i make you a feather headdress.

  4. I want a feather belt for Christmas.

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