I love a heart…tiny token on my forearm for proof (i like to back my statements up).

 So, I’m quite lusty for this card from Portland’s Tenth and Grant:


Super pretty but graphic on that unbleached paper? Love it. Love.
Could someone please help me paint my bedroom wall like that?

And a sweet birthday card as well…


They also make a myriad of notebooks and other cards of great charm! So if you can pull yourself away from thy dang moleskine, you should get one of these!




Art for back pocket!


Please expect similar holiday cards from this lady!


Find Tenth and Grant stuff at Pinball Publishing or at BuyOlympia!!!




p.s. they also have some nice cards w/ some Carson Ellis images on ’em. killa.


One response to “cardparty

  1. subjectverbobject

    The birthday card is tops. Also, Eazy-E references are fun.

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