Bags Bags Bags! What do I do with all these bags?

I’m sitting here trying to figure out where to get a quick $245.

the staci

the staci

I hate to get overly swoony over a handbag, but shit I can’t help it y’all. This is a perfect bag. You know it’s true, if you’re using your eyes to look at it!

Long skinny crossbody strap, pretty, vintage-y, kinda granny, but in a bold color and with a handful of pyramid studs for good measure. Golly. It’s good.

How have I not been turned on to Hayden-Harnett? A really awesome accessories company out of Brooklyn (typical) who make pretty and interesting handbags that I think look a lot more expensive than they are. I like that quality in a bag (do you like luxury?). The gal Toni also lists Sebadoh, Station Wagons, and Guided by Voices among her interests. Wisewoman.


Jinhee Slim Tote

Jinhee Slim Tote

Tamasin Tote

Tamasin Tote

Mosiaque Hobo

Mosiaque Hobo

And lest I forget the basics…

Gemma Field Tote w/ feather charm

Gemma Field Tote w/ feather charm

They’re beauts. AND they make pretty garments as well…check it.

And I think I need this bracelet…

Dang consumerism! I can’t fight it.

Gotta go!


Oh! They list Tilde in Portland as one of their resellers, by the by. party!


3 responses to “Bags Bags Bags! What do I do with all these bags?

  1. FYI….I was introduced to HH at a Crave Party in Seattle. I paid far too much for a coin purse…..but I’d do it all again. I am my own worse enemy. Damn you Christian Slater!

  2. subjectverbobject

    Bag Hutch. Get it.

  3. OMG bags are soooo expensive! I dig the mosaic one, though.

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