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This is a pleasant sight to see when you come home…


gaucho and shoes!

Ain’t nothin like a shoebox and a cat!  I won a little contest at and got some super cozy white slippers and other goodies. Yip!




Is December 1st yet?

I think it must be the new house I’m in and the fact that it’s just askin to be decorated for ye olde holidays, but I’m just super pumped for “holiday season” this year.

So is it a crime to love this?


pink tinsel tree!

pink tinsel tree!

Boring old “real” trees do smell really good, but your pets are always fuckin around with it and the needles go everywhere and you never get it ready to throw out by the time those nutty boy scouts come to collect, so it sits on the side of your house like a major fire hazard for a year until NEXT christmas when you swear that you’ll get the next tree down in time and dispose of them at the same time.  Good luck!


Tout of Ime

God, remember R.E.M.’s Out of Time album? 
Me too. 

I love it.


that’s all.



Babies and Wine

I’ve always found it weird when adult people are still into cartoons and characters that are for children. Like middle-aged ladies who wear Goofy or Tigger sweatshirts and things like that (i accept that mickey mouse is a different story, due to his icon status).

Or like, when I was a sophomore in college, my roommates and I had a roommate for a quarter who was on consortium from her college in California.  I had to share a room with her and she arrived to school a day before I did and had decorated her part of our room with a Winnie the Pooh floor rug and figurines.  I knew we were doomed. We were.
She was crazy and immature and would whine to me for an hour every time I didn’t want to go to the mall or eat teriyaki with her, which was every time she wanted to. And she would run around in her underwear like a crazy lady and would shriek about boys and would try to talk to me for an hour in our bunk beds when I was trying to go to sleep.  I’m fairly certain her adult love for Winnie and her craziness were somehow linked.



double inappropriate

double inappropriate

So I’ve kinda tried to ignore that Hello Kitty has been brought into mainstream fashion thing.  But Kimora Lee Simmons is a wacky lady that I do like (fabulosity) and I kinda like her crazy diamond-filled tributes.


black diamonds

bling, i think they say?

bling, i think they say?

So I’ve been out of the loop on this Hello Kitty wine thing (perhaps because I do not live in Japan) but I like it. And I want it. I’m not sure why. Probably just because I like wine.

Beaujolais in plastic bottles

Their 2008 Beaujolais in plastic bottles




wine for babies

Basically it’s only available in Japan. If you’re there, get me some.

(For more HK hilarity please observe Kitty Hell.)

Also, what ever happened to Lil Wayne’s champagne? It is something I need.




First offly, Wesser and I were totally witnessed to by a young meth-head in La Casita @ 2:30am this weekend. I find this interesting. Thank you anyway.

For seconds, I totally partied in a monster game of Apples to Apples following a totally killer vegan Sunday Dinner last night made by Jessie (no meat or cheese?? delicious??? could it be?)

My point is that I like games. And nights dedicated to games. Game Nights, some say.

And while Apples to Apples is super fun, superior to it still is Balderdash, the hilarious game of bluffing. And hilarious it is!

You get to make up funny movie plots and laws and words and stuff about people. If you like lying, you’ll love Balderdash!!

They stopped making this game for a while.  I feared I’d never play it again. Then one magical day at Sweatsuit Kathy‘s house, it reappeared in my life and we all laughed several laughs.

Get it!


David Lynch for Gucci


2-10 lame people in a photograph.

Can I talk about another website that I hate that everyone finds hilarious?

Hey, thank you!

Well, it’s called Hot Chicks with Douchebags and I’m sure you’ve been there and laughed at the foolish looking dudes who have intense tans, or ugly styled hair, or leave like, 5 buttons undone on their shirts while they’re partying in a Hummer Limo or whatever.
You have, right? And those guys are dopes. I guess I’d prefer to dream that people like that don’t walk the earth (living in Portland is pretty effective for this) at all, but yeah, they’re here they’re queer. Ew and ha. I get that that’s funny.

But what’s always ignored, I guess, is that these chicks with whom they’re hanging out are most likely totally gross too? I mean, surely their giant fake boobs that are busting out of their bikinis and club clothes and their own orange tans may not be evidence enough that these women are caught up in some weird gross world of striving to be some Playboy-style of hotness, but doesn’t the fact that they’re partying with these dudes and taking party pictures pursing their lips and sticking out their asses make them equally douche-y?

Besides, both sexes totally wear Ed Hardy, and it is appropriate for neither.

this girl

This girl's douchiness far outweighs the bro's. Corsets are not shirts. And close your mouth young lady.

These dudes are lame. And so are her ripped jeans. Bikini tops are not shirts.

These dudes are lame. And so are her ripped jeans. Bikini tops are not shirts. Also...the sunglasses?

Sister, do not

Sister, do not stick your buttocks out for one, let alone two gross-ass dudes to grope for a photographer. I'm sure you're drunk, but where's your friend to tell you "no" huh?


I guess I forget that while camo cargo shorts on a dude are douchey, a matching hat and embellished camo short-shorts on a chick are perfectly acceptable. Oh right, as long as she has giant tee-tas it's cool, yah? Don't even get me started about whatever nipple ring double standard I'm sure is in place...

this girl looks normal, right?

This girl looks normal, right? And yeah, totally pretty. Aside from whatever weird green-colored beverage she's drinking. Buuut she looks pretty cozy with ol' gel-hair-camo-shirt-big-chain guy, huh? I must assume the worst. She's a fool.

I know…I’m a killjoy.  I just think it’s lame and gross.  Because of the way these otherwise probably normal looking guys style themselves, they’re douchey, but the women who are totally douchey in the same way are still hot and just their accessory?

I say no no.