Comey and get it!

Rachel Comey is just killing me lately.

These boots are awesome. Observe:

Penpal Short Boot $360

i love you

And their flat-heeled older sister complete with small inner pocket for ID and moneys and such(!):

Mosey Flat Boot $420 (Crinkle Cocoa)

Mosey in Black


Cocoa Patent?! Interior pocket for card and money?! I love this!!

And THEN she goes and pulls out this jammer….!!!!

Caddie Woodlawn?! CADDIE WOODLAWN!? I can’t handle it. $444 is a cost I also cannot handle. I may weep.

Then she hits you with amazing-clothes-that-you-want-to-wear-every-day-and-that-totally-suit-your-style-please-jesus-allow-me-to-win-just-a-modest-lottery-jackpot-so-that-i-may-buy-a-new-rachel-comey-wardrobe.



Cape Coat, Polo Popcorn Dress, Carrier Boot, Totally Awesome

Cape Coat, Polo Popcorn Dress, Carrier Boot, Totally Awesome

hot hot hot

hot hot hot

Popcorn Polo Dress $444

Popcorn Polo Dress $444








Lady Dress $552

Lady Dress $552

Dip Back Button Dress $396

Dip Back Button Dress $396

They’re clothes. Killer clothes!

By the by, these images and prices and such are all from Totokaelo which is an awesome blog based from my fav store in Seattle, Impulse.  
If you wanna buy their stuff you gotta sign up for a profile and they’ll *select* you if you’re cool enough. Well, I can’t really imagine they turn people away but whatevs, it makes ya feel elite. And, ahem, I live in a big(ish) city so I must be an elitist! Am I right people?!

um, gotta go!




p.s. Oh! They also sell Rachel Comey at Frances May in town (you know, portland).


4 responses to “Comey and get it!

  1. jenny herbinson

    if only i could find $888 crumpled in a gutter to buy the recommended caddie woodlawns and delightful popcorn polo dress. i’m going to start selling my organs to science. or people in need of organs.

  2. jenny herbinson

    ps. or people who will exchange caddie woodlawns and popcorn polo dresses for organs.

  3. I’ve totally become a fan of the ankle boot. I’m in love with my grey suede Seychelles.

    Do you wear tall boots? And do you have issues finding ones that fit your calf? If so…..where dost thou get them?

  4. Yes! these are them boots you speak of… ID & moneys pocket- I love! And I love love love those dresses.

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