Mmm, I’m moving back into a house (no longer a studio) with a best bud roommate and I am very excited to decorate!


Also, I’m able to paint a wall or something if I so desire and I think…hmm…I don’t think I’ve ever had that option. Terrible life, yah?


Instead of painting though, I may go the way of wallpaper. Oooh…papery! I know it’ll probs cost a lot more, but it’s something I must consider!

Conveniently, there was just a blurby in the NY Times about wallpaper and about Tempaper. You know, cause everyone’s always boohooing about how crappy wallpaper is and how hard it is to get off and I’ve watched enough(!) home improvement shows in my day to believe that shit!

And Tempaper is cute! And…temporary! How temporary, I do not know, but I read something that compared it to a post-it note for your wall, but if I’m gonna spend $75/roll I don’t want it to die after 6 months. Ya heard?


Anyways, these are cute and available for sale online:











Fairly killer, yes? I know they’re pretty dang busy and super art deco-ish (apart from that toile-type one). But I think that’s okay with me.


The one I want actually isn’t available for sale online yet. But it looks a little something like this…




Dooooo you think it’s too vaginal? Es posible?


Or what about this one in action (complete with cuh-lassy black leather chair y’aaaaall)?





I think I might be down with ’em.




4 responses to “papery!

  1. I super like the vagina one, for reals. I also like the alto. If you think it’s too busy (I don’t) you could totes paint three walls and only paper one. Super fun stuff though.

    p.s. I sometimes say totes.

  2. I’m totally digging on all this. So super cool, esp. the temp part.

  3. Es posible. But is it ever really a bad thing?

    I liked the ‘damsel’ one, but it would bum me out too much – just reminds me of how I quit harpsichord lessons after only 3 weeks. My mom will never let me forget.

  4. i love the harpsichord. you’re a fool, jim! a fool!

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