cocktail pep

do you like Pepperoni sticks? 


Listen, I know in theory they’re super gross, but don’t you kiiinda like the taste? 


Well I do, but I’m not gonna go buy one! duh! First of all, embarrassing. Girls do not buy pepperoni sticks. Ask my sister. We can’t! Someone will see you and be like “jesus, that girl eats pepperoni sticks? totally unattractive.” It’s true.

(Except for my friend Kate. She will totally buy a pepperoni stick. And probably one for you too. She also told me that I should eat pineapple cream cheese on Chili Cheese Fritos, though I’ve never done it. Kate is a badass.)


Secondly, that stuff cannot be good for you.


But this is all beside the point. My point is that I bought some Lilly’s Roasted Red Pepper Hummus the other day and it’s good. And it tastes like pepperoni sticks! 


It’s pretty awesome. Find it here (sorry friends east of colorado…more for me).




2 responses to “cocktail pep

  1. I love to be a pepperoni stick purchase authority. Cause I am.

  2. Is this me? Am I the aforementioned “Kate”. Freaky shit if there’s two people named Kate who both purchase cocktail peps in bulk and dip already deemed disgusting chips in inappropriately sweet cream cheese substances. This cannot be the case. This must be me. Badass.

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