Totally Votey


This, friends, is an image by Nikki McClure that I’ve loved and that apparently printed 10,000 posters of and mailed to whoever (whomever? damn i can never get that one) wanted them.  They went through them all and are printing another 10,000! You can get up to 25.


Pretty and political!

Get some here!!


They also have t-shirts and bumper stickers.


pretty rad.




2 responses to “Totally Votey

  1. It’s “whomever”. If it’s after a preposition (in this case “to”) it’s always “whom”. That’s because “who” is a subject and “whom” is an object (of the preposition “to” in this case). When in doubt think about whether you’d say he or him. “Mailed to he”? Not on your life. “Mailed to him”? You bet your sweet ass.


  2. i knew you’d contribute eventually. thanks bub.

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