Corn Chip Nail Tip

Mmm!  I want crazy nail art, but I don’t want fake nails.  And if you get it done on real nails, it just doesn’t last, you know?


So it’s clearly time to go the way of Lee Press-On, except classier and brassier.


Enter that has a bunch of pretty killer nail designs for pretty cheap. Good quality? I have no idea, but they do say “Salon Effect” and have a picture of a Japanese girl on the front page so you know they’re legit!


These plaid are probably my fav:


Yellow and Green Feathers are hottie tot:


Pink w/ Polkey!:


Orange Chevron for partiers:


Most of these are $15 or under, which is good because I imagine they’ll drive me crazy after like, 3 days.

I shall purchase soon and let ya know how they look! mmm!


I just wish they had a Corn Chip Nail Tip…am i right?!




3 responses to “Corn Chip Nail Tip

  1. 3 days my ass, you’ll never last that long. Didn’t you try this shit in junior high?

  2. bitch, i ain’t in jr. high any longer!

  3. i love starsire nails too! i am also a regular customer and buy from them all the time.

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