I love hats!


I’ve been known to take a hat risk in my day.  None that I particularly like to reminisce about, as they are well…supremely foolish?


But there were a few times in college…one of my first college parties, I believe, that I was certain that wearing a gray and black snakeskin cowboy hat was a really good idea (mmm, with a sheer magenta shirt. classy). Hmmm. Not cool, friend. I think I miiight have been into the Dixie Chicks, as well as having seen Coyote Ugly once too many. never said I was cool, okay?

Then there was the tan felt hat with like, a big fringed brim? Perhaps a little too J.Lo for the SPU cafeteria? Perhaps a little too J.Lo for anything. Embarrassing. Even then, I recall people staring at me while eating their lunches. Well, bitch’ll take a risk okay? 


So…hats, right? Well in the past couple years I’ve become a fast enemy of the fedora. They’re heinous. And they’ve popped up everywhere. I mean, Justin Timberlake can do whatever he wants in any sort of hat he pleases, but you Britney, cannot. And neither can you girls in club clothes wearing fedoras. Why are you wearing them? I don’t get it. I just hate it.  And then not too long ago I went to the dive bar (dive bar) down the street from my house and there were no less than 3 girls wearing them. It’s a horrible trend and I disapprove.


But lately…I’ve been thinking I need one.  But not like a fat-cat-swing-dancer-britney-spears kind of fedora.  Kind of like…well, an Indiana Jones style. Is that horribly wrong?  Except made of felt or something. Also, I find that the key to this working out is that it will be oversized and down on zee head and not jaunty and resting on top of my head. Ya heard?

It’s kind of evoking the drama geek who likes horses.


This little number from Cabela’s may be too ugly (but don’t I kind of want a reason to buy something from Cabela’s?!):


Indiana Jones Fur Felt Fedora Hat

Indiana Jones Fur Felt Fedora Hat on sale $59.88!!!


This jammer from Urban Outfitters is possibly too stylish:


Diamond Top Feather Fedora $34.00

Diamond Top Feather Fedora $34.00


I’d rather go vintage…maybe I’ll wait.


this may have been boring for you…


-blouse party


One response to “hattie

  1. I’m gonna say no, no, and to be on the safe side, no. I know it seems good, but as you say, in retrospect, is it ever good? I speak because I love you. But if you’ve already bought one I’ll tell you I like it.

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