fire alarm cry wolf

God forbid i (kind of) stray from the consumerism course, but do you remember when you were little and the question always came up “What 3 items would you grab if there was a fire?”

My building’s fire alarm went off this morn (4am i die) for the second time since I’ve lived there. Not just my smoke alarm, mind you, but a loud clanging bell right outside my door pretty much causing a mid-sleep heart attack.


The first time it went off a few months ago, I freaked, pulled on my big ugly ill-fitting white robe and fake ugg boots, (i call them “snugs” they are good for cold winters w/ hard wood floors and never leave the house…what?) grabbed my keys and phone and ran outside. 

No one was there.
No one else in the building cared that it was burning down?!
So then I felt embarrassed that I was out there, hid by some bushes, and poked my head around to watch someone in the hallway come out and turn the alarm off.  I waited until he was gone to sneak back into my apartment. Real cool.


So this time it went off and I heard a commotion in the hallway and heard someone go outside. I pulled on a long rain jacket (do i need to start sleeping in ultra modest pajamas?) and peeked through my front blinds to see one dude standing out front. I heard other people in the hallway but smelled no smoke and understandably was a little skeptical.

Someone turned it off.
We all went back to sleep.

But it crossed my mind, what would i grab? My phone? My purse? My iPod? My Chanel clip-ons? 
That’s totally screwy!
You know how when you were a kid it was like “my blanket and my photo album and my caboodle” (well it took a long time to build up your wet and wild cosmetic collection).


I just don’t understand. A fire alarm is a horrible thing to just have go off at random. Is it a drunk person? Never have I been drunk enough to pull a fire alarm. They’d have to listen to the alarm too, right?
There very well may be some crazies in my building, and if so, well, okay, pull that alarm. Feel the power.


But what if there is a fire one day and I’m just lying in bed waiting for the alarm to go off and end up burning up with my chanel earrings and music collection?! 


Okay, I’m on the first floor.  I’ll probably be okay.


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