drink taste!

I’ve been enjoying a very refreshing Blueberry Stoli and Soda cocktail all summer, and it’s served me well.  Ever since I learned of the ungood of most bars’ tonic, it’s been my refreshing alternative to g&t. If you haven’t had it you might give it a shot. It’s like a press, but sans the 7up.

And I’m typically a cheap drinker. Like…well drinks for for more than $3.50 kinda get on my nerves, but I don’t mind trading a dollar or so for less corn syrup calories (i like my calories from actual alcohol!)

mmm, fresh



But now autumn is here and this drink is too summery! I need an alternative to whiskey. Aren’t there any other killer cocktails that don’t have juice and soda in them? Something autumnal?! Mmm, autumn.





2 responses to “drink taste!

  1. Cranberry vodka is teh shits. For serious.

    I like them with tonic and lime, but you might like it with soda and lime. Let’s do it!

  2. Crunk Petrol Palin

    Tokyo Tea: http://www.drinksmixer.com/drink8076.html

    The Midori can be kind of sweet, but with all the other crap in there it’s a welcome sweet. I’m lovin the new blog!

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