Sex and the Home Shopping Network

We need to discuss this:


Wait! there’s a story for this one…

“As night in the city crept toward the dawn of just another day she found herself totally exhausted. Having fun with your friends is hard work after all. She adjusted the black patent belt on her Pat Field halter dress and started for home. But a quick look in the ladies room mirror changed her mind. She still looked fabulous. “Oh well,” she thought. “One more dance can’t hurt!””

What does hurt is that the dress costs $99.90. You gots to be a-jokin me!


And I hate to admit it but I kind of like this one sans belt (at least it’s not made of polyester?)…

I know I totally would have worn it for easter when I was 8, but still.  Also, I could pay for it in 3 installments of $43.30. Bless you Pat Fields and bless you Home Shopping Network.

Check out the whole collection here.


Call me crazy, but I kinda just want to buy these leggings for 3 installments of $13.30. It just sounds fun/funny!


This is what’ll happen, so it seems…

“As she pulled on her aqua blue jersey dress and black leggings by Pat Field, she couldn’t help but wonder, “Can an outfit really change the way you feel?” She took one last look in the mirror and the answer was clear. “Yes!” She turned the knob and strutted out for another fabulous evening. Her destination? Style New York. Black, silver, red or gold. ”


uh, yah.




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