Property of…me if you please?

I’ve been mildly obsessed with this brand of bags Property Of… for some time now.  My girl Jenny and I had both separately spotted this killer brownie-green leather purse at Magpie downtown and the wisewoman that she is, Jenji purchased that there bag. And I have coveted it ever since. It’s possible that I drunkenly convinced her to will it to me, should anything tragic happen to her.

what? you can’t take it with you.


I went back to Magpie asked the dude about the brand, cause I’d never heard of it and he told me it was by two dudes who were really hard to get ahold of and they were Norwegian, but moved to Thailand or something that sounded cool and salacious (for the record, i don’t know that this tale is true). I downright scoured the internet and found nothing.


But yesterday (after purchasing my bud “Brothels of Nevada: Candid Views of America’s Legal Sex Industry” at Missing Link on Hawthorne for his birthday…a pretty killer photo collection, btw) I spot a killer bag in the window of Local 35 checked today and son of a gun if it ain’t Property of…
And they have an (informational) website now!

I can’t post pictures, so check it out yourself…Property of…

So utilitarian. So good. So unisex even! Please tell me that you love the Billy Bag (pic 01) that’s leather and looks like it has oil stains on it. hotsie!


Here’s the “Luke” bag @ Local 35 












For $495.
Too richy for lady’s pocketbook, but the leather does look awesome. The canvas and cotton bags are markedly less scrilla.




Looks like they have some here too (if you search for Property of…). 




2 responses to “Property of…me if you please?

  1. Super uni!! I love that!

  2. Loves it! It’s too richy for this lady’s pocketbook, too, though. Boo!!

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