Vintage Party

I rarely have the luck of others in finding killer vintage jewelry like my friends often do.


Maybe I just don’t have the eye for it when it’s all lumped together or maybe i only ever see 80’s jewels, which don’t get me hot.
That’s why I’ve been a fan of day-lab for some time now. I think gal who runs it used to make a bunch of the jewelry, and sadly, she doesn’t much anymore, but the selection of vintage and dead stock jewelry is totally tops!


I’m pretty fond of this little lucite number:        Or these very now-ish little heart sliders:













And hell if I know anyone who doesn’t need a badass Scorpion charm:

Ahem, do you prefer an ear cuff? I think you do.

These rings are hot.

And I totally wanna wear my mom’s name on this ring (or my Aunt Shirley, I guess):





Plus, she has some cutie-pie paper products:







Plus when I’ve ordered she includes a little hand-written “hi” and a sticker! Free shipping over $75! Portion of each month’s proceeds to the Humane Society!

neat neat (like toilet seat)!


Proceed to commerce, friends!




p.s. i wouldn’t object to being gifted this item:


One response to “Vintage Party

  1. Dude, how cool is this stuff?!! WANTS.

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