Sometimes you just have to buy a single (or two) of these at the grocery mart to remember what it tasted like when your friend’s older boyfriend would buy them for you while you waited in the car.

They’re good. And I think the Light is better tasting
And 98 calories? Ha.
If you can press through the embarrassment at your bodega, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

ya welcome!!




4 responses to “mike’s

  1. HAHAHA. Last time I tried a Mike’s Lemonade Light, I almost puked. Maybe the cranberry one is better? Eek! This is why IIIII prefer ciders.

  2. oh yes! cranberry is far superior!!

  3. Ohhh… The days of waiting in the car for malt liquor. I remember em, barely.
    I think for your next alcoholic beverage highlight, you might want to consider the Arbor Mist mini bottles… remember. Ha!

  4. ha! i think i’ll do a series…

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