Today is Wednesday.  

Wednesday is a special day because all day long I think of nothing but how I’ll be watching Project Runway this evening with my ladies and a cool Blueberry Stoli and Soda close at hand.

I feel kinda sad that I already looked at the final collections. I fought it for almost an entire afternoon, but eventually buckled under the weight of my curiosity. If anyone knows who won and tells me, however, I will not hesitate to administer a hearty DickPunch. Believe.


Anyways, after seeing the ol’ collections it’s plain to see that Leanne has this thing in the proverbial bag.

 Are you seeing what I am? It’s frickin beautiful.















Listen, I am not partial to her simply because she’s rep-ing Portland either. I think a bunch of Portland peeps are, but I don’t a-party thatta way.














I’ve also been a Kenley fan all season until she turned on her biotch persona the last couple weeks.

Her final collection was cute too…










And I would totally wear it, but it’s not partic mind-blowing, yah?


And Korto made some beautiful gowns (and used ANTM girls!!!!), but again, not earth-shatteringly  so.











The others were boring.


Also…it must suck to be one of the decoy contestants and have to design a whole collection (do they really?) even though they know they’re not going to win. I have no idea who’s actually in the top 3, but one MUST assume that Suede is not and was pissed about having to make stuff anyway, so he threw these heinous numbers together:











Are those a joke? What is occurring here? The American Gladiators going to Vegas on Easter Sunday is all I see.
Which actually sounds fun…but does not look good. 





See you at the Tanker tonight! Frito Pie?




2 responses to “ProRun

  1. Totally agree! I kind of liked how some of Korto’s models were barefoot. I HAVETA know who the decoys are!!

  2. Seriously.
    WTF is up with Suede’s shit? Its shit! Is he serious? Did they seriously let him go on with that crap!?!? Its the absolute worst I have ever seen!

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