Built by Wendy

Things are looking folky for fall, and I like that.


The Fall 2008 Built by Wendy collection is looking particularly so, with a side of Swiss Alps and topped with a creamy Sound of Music sauce.


My fav:

Your fav: 

My sister’s fav (i shall presume): 

Blair on Gossip Girl’s fav:
(except not as ill-fitting as on this model) 


Even the Lederhosen are pretty jamming.  You just go ahead and check those out yourself, little missy.


Well anyway, Wendy Mullin is incredible. And not just because she’s had David Cross and Amy Sedaris model her collections before either. But for other reasons. Like this and this.


Also, Built by Wendy is finally in Portland…at Frances May. Rejoice!




3 responses to “Built by Wendy

  1. These clothes are bombdotcom. I’m not gonna lie…the lederhosen are pretty jam, too!

  2. Um, yes to outfit…. cause it’s cute, no? How old do i have to be before i stop wearing that kind of outfit…?

  3. i will certainly notify you when you become too aged Sara…for now…you good.

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