Bedazzle Thine Ears!

So, I’m wholly smitten with these earrings by Opulent Project.

And you can tell I really mean it because there’s rarely an excuse to use the phrase “wholly smitten.” Or ever. Really. Don’t repeat it.

But aren’t they just delightful? They’re a perfect combination of pretty and edgy with a medium-sized dollop of cheeky. For $38. Es good!

Seeee!! They’re chandeliers! Get it…like Chandelier earrings?! But not from 2001?! Phew…also, they’re made from flourescent light covers, which is another charming twist of irony in the ole’ lighting-related earring field…which is pretty small.



I, my own self, purchased these little gem drop numbers, that are black on the back ($32).








There’s also red w/ black on the back which are very very pretty. 


You may find them at Olio United online or really, if you’re in town, go to the store because it’s a great space filled with many other delights.
1028 SE Water Ave. Ste 120
Portland, Oregon 97214

Oh! Duh, Opulent Project has a website here please. See/buy them all!  (In hijinks w/ the feller who does the engraved moleskines in town…more on that at a later date).





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