is this blog embarassing now? i can’t tell.


Slow, Steady, Race

So if I brought up “Slow and Steady Wins the Race” you’d be all like “Yeah Lauren- tortoise, hare, etc. Booooring. Enough with your old-timey adages, why don’t you go ahead and take it to a young child’s nursery center because I’m clearly over the age of 6 and have heard. that. shit. be. fore.”

And I’d be like “Whoa bud, cool it.”

Or you’d be like” Psh yeah, Lauren they’ve only already done 19 collections…how far out of the experimental small run fashion loop do you think I am?  I totally already know that they take classic and/or iconic designs or items and kind of turn them upside down, causing you to think and appreciate them in a new way.

And I’d be like “Whoa bud, you might consider cooling it.”

And THEN I would talk to you about how they’ve done a collaboration with Portland’s dear old Stand Up Comedy, boutique of killer-ness, comprised of gear for rainy weather. And you’d be like “do what??”

Yeah man, check it out…

This one is clearly my favorite. $150. Totally appropriate.

hooded and wearable in different ways. hot.

hooded and wearable in different ways. hot.

A couple Unisex styles, with a few limited edition pieces (with gold crochet drawstrings (and extra cost) by Arielle de Pinto. Beautiful touch.

totally practical

totally practical

classic poncho style

classic poncho style

These styles are all available in red, black, khaki, and natural and like most SSWTR styles, are $100.

There’s also this gem of a trenchcoat for $300.



This line also has some waterproof shoes…



hella jaunty

hella jaunty

Alright, I can’t just post pictures of the entire line, but you must also see this Faux Fox Stole. I love it.


cute cute, wooden flute

Also, please observe these handbags if you haven’t already, and acquaint thyself with why this line is the jam.

'the new bag' handle

'the new bag' handle

'the bag'

'the bag'

These bags are available at Totokaelo for $150 and $100 respectively.

The rain gear line is all available at Stand Up Comedy on East Burnside. SSWTR usually makes runs of just 100 of an item, but I’m not sure about these pieces. Get ’em while you can!

I gotta go outside now!


things to laff and such

What up frands…I went to Bridgetown Comedy Fest this weekend, and enjoyed that jam! Well, I enjoyed every day apart from Saturday which found me in bed all day due to my excessive party gene, which reared its charming head on Friday (caused me to be chastised by a couple comedians, both performing and observing, for talking during a couple sets).  Oops, okay?

Anyway, I missed a couple of the bigger names I wanted to see, but saw some great sets at Mt. Tabor, the BOG patio, and the continuous run of people at the Tanker.

If you give a damn you should check out these joke-tellers if you don’t already know of  them…hopefully you won’t have to wait until next year’s festival. Aaaaaand hopefully you won’t have to go to Harvey’s (or you’ll finally have a good reason to?) I shall provide you with a picture of the performer in order to engage beyond the point that words might, but I ain’t posting a ton of You Tube videos or anything, so click the links if you know what’s good for thee…

Hannibal Burress was pretty hilarious. Jessie wanted to do him. But she didn’t. He gave me shit for talking at the Tanker. I apologized!


he greets you

Dave Hill told a hilarious tale of gay socks. He’s from New York. I recommend!

lavish lifestyle

lavish comedian lifestyle

Natasha Leggero…surely you’ve seen her on tons of things. She is funny! And a woman!
(she’s also a part of  Pretty Funny Women which i find a lame concept, but whatevs, she’s funny)

pretty awesome

pretty awesome

I was a little starstruck by Andy Blitz. Come on!

i like you


Richard Bain is pretty hee-larious and seems a total coolman…he lives this city. You should see him…somewhere…sometime!



Holly Mills was really, really funny in a super appealing understated “nerdy girl” way. I didn’t say it. She did.



Andy Haynes is funny and from Seattle and we three found him a bit dashing as well! Gracious!

young man in plaid shirt, you guuuuuuys!

young man in plaid shirt, you guuuuuuys!

Alex Koll offered wizardly appearance and sang a goddamn catchy song about Dad amnesia.



There were many many more including this guy John Ryan who caused me to nearly die.  He’s pretty elusive on the interweb, but I came upon this video. Dry as a damn desert. I love.

Anyway, I’ve heard enough masturbation/porn jokes to last me a lifetime, so thank you every single male comedian. I don’t need to see any more pelvic thrusts on stage for…ever?
Janeane Garafalo was funny and told some giiiiiiirl jokes so I could relaaaaaate y’all!  Jessie stopped her on the sidewalk and professed her love. Dear.

go blazers?


answer ya telephone…

Oh things, how I’ve missed thee.

Last weekend my buds gathered to celebrate Jessie’s new home (skål!) and she had an “old” telephone handset that I hilariously mocked talking upon for a few seconds and then managed to convince a couple pals who hadn’t yet arrived that it was an actual handset to my cellphone (ahem, jim and kate).  I told them I bought it at Urban Outfitters. Right?

Anyway, during my completely side-splitting tomfoolery I did notice that the phone felt quite sturdy and comforting as I held it between my ear and shoulder, which I guess you can do with cellphones, but they’re clearly not as big and I’m always pushing buttons mistakenly and get makeup all up on the screen.  Plus, I’ve often wished I still had a landline so I could again have an old timey cute phone.  But I don’t need a landline, you know?

So when I saw this little gem this morn, I enjoyed a good chortle at the absurdity that it’s a real thing not just a foolish joke to pull upon friends, and then I thought “hmmm, do I need this?”

and it's radiation free, thank god

and it's radiation free, thank god

Mmmm, it look hearty doesn’t it? I mean, it seems like something that a stupid person would spend money on, but well, this gold one is pretty damn hot.


Am I right?

It’s made by YUBZ (Why You Busy?) who apparently make only this product and I guess it actually does cut down on radiation. Since I always only talk on the phone right next to the microwave while constantly boiling water, this doesn’t really matter to me (plus hello, 2012 is only 3 years away) but one Emil Snizek might be interested.

And they totally do sell it (a wireless version!) at Urban Outfitters. Typical.

across the pond

Listen, I’ve been unemPLOYED! I haven’t had the TIME to update with stylish thingers.
Alright, I have. But I haven’t.

But I will when I return from England!

By the skine of a mole

Everyone loves a Moleskine.  It’s like the Slinky of the…erm…notebook world? Right. Slinky of the notebook world. Sure. Everyone knows that.


Well, anyway Moleskines are great.  It’s one of my fav gifts to give.  A nice clean notebook? Excellent.
They’ve been made in different textures, different fabrics, different colors, and recently I bought a little colored set of the soft notebooks at New Seasons. Weird.  Double weird is that I saw them for sale at Nordstrom over the holidays.  In the handbag section.  Puzzling.
And lots of people have found ways to spruce up the basic Moleskine, as you can see here.

My favorite is from Portland company Engrave Your Tech, who do KILLER laser engraving projects on your laptops, ipod, iphones, or what have you (please god check it out), and were engraving Moleskines with work from various artists for a while there under the side-project-name engrave your book.
They were hot.



Come to find out that engraving the PVC cover creates toxic gases. Dang killjoy toxic gases at it again.
But we were promised an alternative and I’ve been waiting with bated breath since I foolishly never got around to purchasing one the first time, and the time has come.
Care to take a gander?

I’m a pretty big fan of this saw image:

Saw by Dan Funderburgh

Saw by Dan Funderburgh

 As well as this simple leaf pattern:


Leaves by the Mountain Label

Leaves by the Mountain Label

Not to mention this dreamy dreamscape:


Dreamscape by Alisha Wessler

Dreamscape by Alisha Wessler



 There are many more! Check them here please!

They’re all leather and US made and have the proper design on the inside so you may still utilize the features of your Moleskine that you love (plus a little card pocket!)





As of right now, they’re just available for $60 for the pocket size Mole-y, but come February there will be a larger version.

Also, they can do custom covers if you fancy yourself a bit of an artist. Surely you do!

I love this company…check out all their other awesome work here on their blog…




p.s. they also produce some jewels that I love (and blogged about) from the Opulent Project.  


love it.

things neither to love nor such

So far this 2009:

1. Someone tried to steal my car. I think they got away with about $0.41 and did about $700 worth of damage to my car.  Thieves are not that thoughtful. I do not have $700.

2.  I got laid off from my job. New parent company in California eliminates Portland office…you know, where the company started.  Tale as old as time, I suppose.  Like Romeo and Juliet.

3. I develop intense sickness 2 days prior to fun birthday festivities. Head full of snot and many coughings.  I’m eating zinc and going though toilet paper like it’s…toilet paper. I hope to be able to taste food at birthday dinner with boyfriend at Beast.

Things to love:

1. My roommate who makes me tea and listens to me blow my nose at 2 minute intervals and who drove me everywhere while my car was not driveable.

2. My beau who brings me soup and says cheesy things about my being cute while i’m sick and also drives me everywhere.

3. NyQuil